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It is right time to attack!

US forces intruded into Pakistan’s ‘sovereign’ territory and killed out Osama Bin Laden, the man created by US itself. US knows how to be superpower. Killing of Laden has shown that if US can create monster, it can destroy too. US also values its citizens lives, be it only one citizen.

It would be very appropriate to remind incidence of Raymond Devis, an American diplomat who was arrested in Pakistan for charge of killing two Pakistanis. What happened in this case? Did US watch this incidence mutely as India watched in case of Sarabjit?

No. US stopped talking with Pakistan. It took all the ways to ensure safe release of its citizen, whether he was innocent or criminal was another matter. Atlast, victim pakistanis’ families accepted blood money and Raymond Devis was freed.

Thus US values it’s citizen. But does India?

No. There are infinent number of Indians killed in Pakistan sponsered terrorism. But India could do nothing but either talking in tough terms or inviting Pakistani leasders with red carpet welcome! Recall Musharraf’s failed Agra meeting or Gilani’s Mohali match watching!

I draw parellal between India and a holy cow! Just few days back I saw a scene on footpath. Cow and two-three dogs were eating from pile of dust. Dogs were just barking and cow was running away due to fear of dogs. It was really strange that cow had height, body, horns all the things required to fight well with dogs and dogs were had just courage!

India too has all the things, big army, weapons, missiles and nuclear weapons except courage! Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka has just this thing – courage. Otherwise this is the right time to attack Pakistan. Pakistan is in defence position with Laden found in its territory and it’s clear proof that Pakistan harbours terrorists. If India would have attacked, world including US would not oppose it. Now situation is that Pakistan has put its army on India border and to get attention of fundamentalists away from Laden death, it may attack India.

Really, India is holy cow!



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2 thoughts on “It is right time to attack!

  1. you say it is time to attack ane possibly all Indian will say this. But did you find any WISH or VISION in the persons who are Ruling India at present ? They are not only coward but they are IMPOTANT having no dare to ataack.

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