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Khambhalay Maa: Must Visit Sacred Place

Jay Khambhaly Maa. Khamhaly Maa is very sacred temple located at Mandal, near Viramgam, Gujarat. It is approximately 86.6 km from Ahmedabad. There are two temples. One is located in heart of village, near bus stand. Other one is located near beautiful lake where beautiful coloured lotuses blossom. I got opportunity twice to visit here. Both time for darshan and witnessing sacred ceremony of Navchandi yagna.

This form of Maatajee is worshipped mainy by Kutsat Gotri brahmans. It is said that Matajee was on hill but some devotees requested her to come with them. But at place where the present temple is located, devotees doubted whether Matajee is actually coming with them and they violated order of Maatajee not to look back. So finally Matajee settled here. Idols of 51 shaktipiths are also here.

Trust is doing good for temple and facilities of devotees visiting here. Atithi Bhavan is the place where devotees can wait or stay with prior booking. Rooms are well maintained and facilities like AC are there. Food is also good. Generally conservative brahmans prefer to sit in row (pangat in Gujarati), but here chair and table facility is given so that old age persons have no problem. Just small inconvenience in hot summer days. You will feel so much heat due to iron roof. But that will be done away with in near future, I was told by Shree Manishbhai Rawal, one of trustees of temple. Atithi Bhavan is located exact opposite to ST (GSRTC) bus station. So it is also very convenient for persons coming in bus.

If you are coming in car, and you wish to offer prayer at old temple located in village, you have to park car near Atithi bhuvan as car is not allowed in village.

At old temple, now Shivalay is built. It is small but also very peaceful and sacred temple. There is one yagnashala where brahmans from Chitakut are constantly performing Navchandi yagna to increase power (Bal-बल) of Khambhalay Maa so that Maatajee’s blessings remain with devotees, I was informed. Many devotees visit Khambhalay Maa on every poornima (full moon day).

Lot of donations are poured in for temple and athithi bhavan, specially for meal. Nowadays, donors are donating for one month meal or so but shree Manishbhai tells me that in near future, fund will be enough to provide free meal without help of donor.

If you are visiting Bahucharajee, Shankheshwar, you can visit here or if you are visiting here, you can visit Bahucharajee, Shankheshwar as they are nearby places.


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